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Let Them Play Scores Partial Victory as MDH Drops Mask Mandate on Outdoor Youth Sports

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Let Them Play MN scored a partial victory and is pleased with the Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) announcement that it is no longer requiring student-athletes to wear masks while practicing or playing outdoors. The new guidance still requires masks for indoor sports other than wrestling and gymnastics and when participants in outdoor sports are not actively practicing or engaging in sports activity, and cannot maintain 6 feet of distance.

Let Them Play applauds this sudden shift just six days after Let Them Play filed its amended complaint in federal court exposing Governor Walz’s and MDH’s callous political decision to blame kids for their own policy failures. While Let Them Play is happy to have helped advanced the ball on outdoor sports, kids are still losing because of Governor Walz’s and MDH’s continuing restrictions motivated by politics, not science. These unlawful restrictions include the mask mandate imposed on athletes in indoor sports that continue year-round.

“Governor Walz and MDH have never had data or evidence supporting their onerous and unsafe restrictions imposed on youth sports,” said Let Them Play Founder Dawn Gillman, “While we are pleased one baseless restriction has ended, Let Them Play will continue to fight until Governor Walz and MDH have eliminated all unfair restrictions on sports and it is clear they will not be allowed to harm kids just to advance the Governor’s political agenda,” she added.

Let Them Play MN, a Minnesota non-profit with more than 26,000 bi-partisan supporters across the state, has worked tirelessly alongside parents, coaches, students, and fans to fight for accountability and transparency with COVID-19 policies regarding youth sports. We congratulate the countless parents and students who have worked hard for this change, and look forward to working to achieve the progress yet to come.

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