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Let Them Play Exposes Governor Walz’s Strategy to Blame Kids for His Policy Failures

Newly Exposed Evidence Shows Walz and MDH Planned to Falsely Pin Nursing Home Deaths on Youth Sports; “Science” Behind School Shutdowns, Sports Masking Exposed as Bizarre PR Stunt.  

Minneapolis – Let them Play MN filed an amended complaint in Federal Court quoting explosive new evidence demonstrating that Governor Walz attempted to blame kids and youth sports for deaths in nursing homes and long-term care (“LTC”) facilities. Internal Minnesota Department of Health communications show its leaders knew youth sports were not dangerous, but Walz shut down sports and required masks in a mean-spirited attempt to “tie youth sports to LTC” deaths. Meanwhile, MDH epidemiologists admitted privately that they had no data showing that youth sports were responsible for the spread of COVID-19.

“Governor Walz should be ashamed for fabricating claims that somehow nursing home deaths are the result of youth sports,” said Let them Play’s Executive Director Dawn Gillman. “For the past year, a generation of Minnesota kids has been harmed by the Governor just to help cover up his failure to protect nursing home residents,” Gillman concluded.

The amended complaint contains damning emails from Walz’s political consultants and MDH leaders revealing Walz’s plan was to link Long Term Care deaths to youth sports attendance as a political strategy, knowing such blame had no basis in science or data. 

“Governor Walz and MDH must be held accountable by the Court. The Constitution prohibits harming children based on false pretenses,” said Sam Diehl, Let Them Play’s attorney. “The Governor’s shameful and cynical attempt to shift blame to kids must be stopped,” added Diehl. 

A copy of the filed Amended Complaint can be download here. Let Them Play is a Minnesota non-profit with more than 25,000 bipartisan supporters from around the state, including parents, coaches, and fans. Since it began in August 2020, the group has been working to enable kids to play sports and engage in other healthy activities.

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