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Let Them Play MN! files amended complaint with the United States District Court

Let Them Play MN! files amended complaint with the United States District Court

1. Since at least October 2020, Governor Tim Walz and Commissioner Jan Malcolm have attempted to frame Minnesota’s young people to distract from their own failed response to COVID-19. Seven months into the pandemic, they remained unable to address the tragic toll of COVID in Minnesota’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities (“LTC”). Governor Walz and Commissioner Malcolm knew they were responsible for failed policies, including moving COVID patients from hospitals to nursing homes while they remained infectious and inadequately educating workers who they knew were responsible for significant spread.

2. After a failed promise to deliver a “moonshot” saving the elderly, Governor Walz’s settled for throwing our remaining vulnerable—Minnesota’s kids—under the bus.

3. Governor Walz, his staff, Commissioner Malcolm, Kris Ehresmann, and others engaged in a long-term strategy to find a scapegoat by falsely blaming kids for COVID’s spread and deaths. This plan culminated in Executive Order 20-99—announced on November 18, 2020 through which he banned and blamed youth sports for the spread of COVID without any support in science, data, or evidence.

4. That same day, one of Governor Walz’s political consultants described his plan in an email:

Governor is wanting LTC to be thinking about being proactive and aggressive as LTC deaths going back up. Sounds like Commissioner [Malcolm] and [MDH Assistant Commissioner Erin Campbell] are tracking some data to pull. But for some messaging . . . . ***

– As [people] push back on youth sports and [sic] whether they really need to be ended –> we need to more explicitly tie youth sports to LTC. People are going to youth sports, sitting in bleachers, eating popcorn and talking with people around then, cheering, then maybe stopping at a restaurant or bar on way home, then going to jobs in LTC the following day. The spread and deaths in LTC can be traced back to youth sports and some of these social settings.

(emphasis added).

5. This was, of course, a complete fabrication. Neither kids, nor athletes, nor spectators in sports (to the extent any were allowed in 2020) caused deaths from COVID, the spread of the virus, or any other issues Governor Walz tried to lay at young people’s feet in 2020 had any evidence in fact, or data, or logic. Each of the Defendants Governor Walz, Commissioner Malcolm, and Attorney General Keith Ellison knows the truth. But this is politics, a dangerous game for the young and vulnerable.

6. This lawsuit is intended to stop Governor Walz and other Defendants from inflicting further harm on young people based on pretense and falsehoods. Each of the Plaintiffs is participating in this lawsuit to help all of Minnesota’s young people who have been unfairly blamed, defamed, quarantined, and cancelled.

Download the full amended complaint here.

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