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Tell Gov. Walz how you feel! 651-201-3400

Federal Lawsuit Filed Challenging Gov. Walz’s Youth Sports Ban

Let Them Play MN’s Lawsuit Becomes More Critical After Walz Doubles Down on Youth Sports Ban

Let Them Play MN is deeply discouraged by today’s Executive Order extending Governor Walz’s ban on youth sports. Meanwhile, at a hearing in federal court, the State’s lawyer asserted COVID allows the State to ignore the Constitution and evade judicial review.

“COVID is a serious issue, not an excuse to ignore the Constitution,” said LTP’s lawyer Sam Diehl, “Our leaders may not weild a legitimate public health concern as a magic wand to evade judicial scrutiny of their unlawful decisions.”

Youth sports is safe to play during the pandemic and even more necessary as America faces a growing mental health crisis created by cancellations and restrictions. Studies show that kids who play sports are less likely to get and spread COVID than their peers who don’t. Sports protocols are working. Young people who play sports avoid activities that are more likely to spread COVID.

“Instead of correcting his error, Governor Walz chose to extend it. Cancelling youth sports hurts kids and doesn’t stop the spread,” said Dawn Gillman, LTP’s founder, “Let Them Play will keep up its fight until our kids are allowed to safely play.”

As LTP continues its effort, it is asking more Minnesotans to partner with and support its efforts. Supporters may contribute at its new website,, where they can volunteer and find helpful resources about the importance of youth sports and activities.

Let Them Play MN is organized as a tax exempt organization for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its application for Internal Revenue Service recognition of federal income tax exemption is in process.

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