Tell Gov. Walz how you feel! 651-201-3400
Tell Gov. Walz how you feel! 651-201-3400

Federal Lawsuit Filed Challenging Gov. Walz’s Youth Sports Ban

Statement from Dawn Gilman, Executive Director of Let Them Play MN about Let Them Play MN, et al. v. Walz, et al.

Let Them Play MN filed a federal lawsuit today challenging Gov. Walz’s refusal to let kids play. All of the information and data we’ve gathered demonstrates Governor Walz’s decision to ban youth sports is not supported by data or science. COVID-19 is a serious disease and measures should be taken to protect the vulnerable and ensure that our hospitals aren’t overloaded. The Minnesota Department of Health’s own data shows youth sports don’t spread COVID. And making a difficult year for kids even harder, doesn’t make Minnesota safe, and it just isn’t right.

Sports has proven to be safe even in 2020. Minnesota’s teams, leagues, and schools know how to play sports safely without harming kids. MDH knows that when sports are stopped, kids don’t disappear. A mite hockey player, dropped off for practice fully dressed and heading straight onto the ice, is a whole lot safer at that practice, than walking behind mom or dad through a crowded retail store. Ignoring the obvious to provide a window dressing response to COVID doesn’t help achieve the legitimate goal of preventing the spread of COVID. Minnesota kids deserve better.

We look forward to a judge hearing our case as quickly as possible. We will be filing a motion tomorrow seeking urgent relief and we look forward to our day in court.

Members of Let Them Play MN will be available for media interviews. Please contact Noah Rouen, 612-419-6909 or noah@rouengroup,com to schedule.

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